Good afternoon! I started photographing a few years ago, when the need to capture moments of happiness, love and joy within my family became acute. The first years I shot with a digital camera, everything in it was good even too good and convenient professional camera and lenses gave a wonderful picture without distortion, while juicy and bright, but the photos from it did not convey to the end the true moments of life. When I once again leafed through the family archive I realized, despite the lack of juicy pictures over ringing sharpness, old dad's cards printed in a dark room were full of life, looking at them you see an event, not a picture on paper, you believe in these magical moments printed in silver, I do not know how to explain it, perhaps we have been accustomed to them for a century and the memory of them already lives in the genes, perhaps it is the aesthetics of old photos, but whatever the decision was made, I want photos as before. My husband came to the rescue, he took over the technical side of the process, and it is very voluminous for film photography, development, scanning, printing, and each stage affects the final result, so we are a team. It took not a single year to achieve good results, but it was worth it, the boundaries of creativity expanded, and beautiful framed photos and Passepartout appeared on the walls of the house. Friends and acquaintances and acquaintances of their friends seeing my work very often began to ask to photograph them in the family circle. Basically, I had to refuse because even the cost of film photography is not very cheap, and I did not want to assign an exorbitant cost, on the other hand, now engaged in commercial shooting and printing, I decided that a person can decide whether it is acceptable for him or not, in addition, I guarantee a full refund, the result and the joy of people are more important to me than money. I don't really like to participate in photo contests, much less brag about it, but they say it's important. My cards take prizes at local Novosibirsk competitions, and ROSPHOTO and 35photo were also awarded. But in my opinion, this is not the most important thing, I understand that my photo is not for everyone, but I hope to find like-minded people who like the smell of real books and the texture of silver photos.